ADAM product support platform

Out of concern for quality and visibility, we have in place an ADAM product support platform. We are constantly looking for new ways of further sharpening our customer focus.

This collaborative and intuitive platform allows you to interact with our product teams through the Questions / Answers section, but you can also find answers to certain technical requests and “how-to” questions in the FAQ section.

You can also access information about what’s new in the Blog section, sales brochures and technical documentation in the Resources section, and everything you need to know about the latest versions of our ADAM tools in the Release notes section.

Key strengths:

  • Valuable source of user information
  • Great forum of mutual exchange
  • Simplified Google-bar search function
  • Information about new releases / updates
  • Platform in French and English


  • Monitoring news and product development
  • Providing quick and easy access to first level documentation and online resources
  • Surveying and centralizing your requests
  • Creating a true user community around ADAM products 

We have tried to make our ADAM platform very simple and user-friendly. We hope that it will be of great help to you in your user experience of our ADAM tools.

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