ADAM is on track for S1000D 5.0

Since the beginning of the year, ADAM received many improvements, becoming always closer to our customers' and users' expectations.

ADAM Manager

ADAM is now in capacity to:

  • Handle S1000D 5.0 to manage, write et publish your content.
  • Manage a JOB queue to optimize long and greedy tasks.
  • Directly connect to JIRA, leader project manager software to steer your documentation and your teams day to day.
  • Export, publish and preview CIR format from the writting and to the publishing.

connecteur JIRA sofware ADAM Viewer

    ADAM Author benefits from:

  • A CSNRs links generation assistant (CSNRefs)
  • A gathering CIR Widget.
  • A multiple preview management (HTML, PDF).
  • An ability to search in previews.
  • A S1000D style sheet improvement.


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ADAM Author is a "tagless" XML editor, based on a robust engine, open to API, and rapidly configurable for your particular business, regardless of your editorial structure or your DTD or XSD. Together with ADAM Manager CMS, ADAM Author lets you expand production power, reduce errors and improve overall quality so that you can focus on the fundamentals - the content.

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